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Three musicians with one hell of a CV, join forces to settle an old score....

Between them they have played for Steve Hackett, Ken Hensley, Big Big Train, The Flower Kings. They have fronted their own bands The Tangent, Karmakanic, Po90 and Labyrinth. they have made or contributed to hundreds of albums, topped polls for their respective instruments and toured the world. 


But they came together in 2021 to celebrate the influence of an unknown (and as yet untraced) progressive rock band from Albania called Allium. Who never appear to have recorded an album at all but were seen playing live by Tillison in 1976. 

Their debut album "Allium:Una Storia" is a concept album in which the concept is the band itself. What might this band have sounded like? 

According to Tillison, that would have been "amazing". Seeing them live at 16 years old inspired him to begin a musical career that's lasted more than 40 years.  


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Andy Tillison - Keyboards

Known best as frontman/lyricist/composer for the long established Progressive Rock band The Tangent, Andy's keyboards skills have taken him to the top of Prog magazine's "keyboards player of the year" poll and his occasional sessions have seen him contribute organ parts to Big Big Train's classic "English Electric",  Cosmografs "" and other albums by Argos, Daymoon, Moongarden and?. He's worked with such diverse artists as Chumbawamba, played on hardcore agit metal albums by Axegrinder, Saw Throat and Hellbastard, makes solo albums in both Berlin School Electronica and Jazz Fusion styles. Along with his great friend Matt Stevens (The Fierce and the Dead) he also performs infrequent totally spontaneous improvisation gigs which are never recorded...


Roberto Tiranti - Vocals

Like Jonas, a bass player, Roberto has been gifted with a voice that can realistically be compared with the likes of Ian Gillan, Freddie Mercury and even Pavarotti. Currently the lead singer of classic Italian prog legends New Trolls, Roberto has worked with Uriah Heep stalwart Ken Hensley and is well loved for his work in the Heavy Progressive band Labyrinth. He's a well loved part of the Italian rock scene and was the natural choice to front this band with his amazing range and emotional depth.  


Jonas Reingold - Guitars & Bass Guitar

One of contemporary progressive music's most prolific contributors, Jonas has worked at the top level of the game for many years. His stunning bass playing for The Flower Kings unleashed him into our world when he joined that band in the late 90s. Since that time we've seen him play for The Steve Hackett band, The Fringe, The Tangent, his own bands Karmakanic and Barracuda Triangle, he's played the bass for the "Transatlantic" section of a multi band tour and has frequently won polls/plaudits for his bass work which can fit anywhere from Pastorius to Squire and all points between. Also known as a record producer and songwriter, he has gold discs on his studio wall. To add to this he's a real "larger than life" character known for good humour and real "rock and roll" persona





Antonio De Sarno - Lyricist

Antonio wrote the lyrics for the whole album. A friend of Andy's for more than 20 years, the two have worked before with English lyrics that Antonio wrote and Andy sang for the Italian band Moongarden.  Antonio is a prolific Progressive Rock journalist and photographer who has written and snapped for many sites and publications including "Nobody's Land" and he's currently on the staff of PROG magazine in Italy.  In keeping with the "backdated" theme of the album, Antonio's political references in the music are all very much "of the time" - from a 1970s Italy which was highly divided between the left and the right wings of politics.  And of course, this obviously means that there's a curiously up to date feel about them!


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